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Earn Continuing Educational Credits Through CSA Resources

Earn Continuing Educational Credits Through CSA Resources

Blog Article Published: 06/18/2021

Continuing Educational Credits are a requirement for a number of professional cloud security, cybersecurity, and IT certifications. For example, if you’ve earned a CISSP through (ISC)2 or a CISA through ISACA, you must earn a certain amount of credits per 3-year certification cycle. With (ISC)2, you can complete your credits at any time during the 3-year cycle, but ISACA requires a minimum of 20 credits annually. Both certifications allow you to earn credits through a variety of professional development activities.

CSA offers multiple resources, including online options, that can count towards your credit requirements. These resources are a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge on a specific topic you love or branch out into something new. You will receive one Continuing Educational Credit for every 50 minutes of content consumed. Following the event, session, or course, a certificate of completion will be issued that reflects your total number of credits awarded. This certificate can be submitted for possible credits, such as CPEs. All CSA trainings, events, and webinars are compliant with NASBA standards for CPE providers.

Get a head start on earning your credits today and maintaining your certification. Below is our resource roundup to help you meet your continuing education goals.

Network, Collaborate, and Learn at a CSA Event

CSA hosts a variety of in-person and virtual events that offer attendees a chance to connect with peers over common topics. There are many opportunities to earn Continuing Educational Credits during these events as well, such as by attending a session or training. For a full calendar and more details, visit our events page.

SECtember - This premier CSA event is held annually in-person in the Seattle area. Attendees can reunite with peers, make new connections, and learn about the key issues and trends in cloud computing. The in-person training courses offered at SECtember provide you with an ideal forum to enhance your cloud security knowledge and build a stronger foundation of skills to take back to your organization. Training attendees and conference attendees can earn credits for participating. Check out the presentation decks from SECtember 2021.

Tune Into Our Live and On-Demand Webinar Sessions

In addition to our events, CSA offers free webinars through our CloudBytes channel on BrightTalk, where we cover trending topics, new technologies, and the latest research related to the cloud. Each webinar is usually 1 hour, so attending a session live or watching a recording on demand can earn 1 credit.

Many of our CloudBytes webinars are hosted by fellow cloud security experts, including CISOs, CEOs, and company founders. These sessions take a deep dive into specific topic areas in a vendor-neutral environment. Start earning your Continuing Educational Credits through our upcoming webinars or thousands of previously recorded sessions.

Read Our Research Publications

If you prefer learning through reading, you can also earn your Continuing Educational Credits by reading one of CSA’s research publications. Our research is created by the industry for the industry, is both vendor-neutral and consensus driven, and is available to all at no cost. One hour of reading will typically count for 1 credit. Much like the CloudBytes webinars, there are applicable papers for many topics within the cloud. Below are just three examples of the many papers CSA has published:

Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing - Perhaps our most comprehensive publication, Security Guidance establishes a stable, secure baseline for cloud operations. This resource provides an actionable roadmap for managers wanting to adopt the cloud. Most recently, version 4 incorporates advances in cloud security and supporting technologies.

Top Threats to Cloud Computing: Egregious Eleven - This publication provides a comprehensive understanding of cloud security concerns. For this report, 241 industry experts were surveyed to rank 11 salient threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in their cloud environments. The results can help organizations make more educated risk management decisions regarding their cloud adoption strategy.

Cloud Penetration Testing Playbook - As cloud services continue to enable new technologies, there is a growing need to extend penetration testing into public cloud systems and components. This report addresses the methodological and knowledge gaps in security testing of information systems and applications in public cloud environments.

Access these papers and more from our research publications page.

Learn Topics In Cloud Security With CSA Training

CSA offers two industry certificates, the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) and the Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK). The CCSK is widely recognized as the standard of expertise for cloud security, and gives you a cohesive understanding of how to secure data within the cloud. The CCAK complements the CCSK and focuses on the essential principles of auditing cloud computing systems. Some of the training and study resources for these certificates can help you earn your Continuing Educational Credits as well.

Online Self-Paced Training | CCSK Modules - Each of these 6 modules focuses on a particular aspect of the cloud. For each module, you will receive a 60-day license to complete it on your own time. After completing all of the modules, you will receive a certificate for 16 course hours that you can submit for possible credits.

Instructor-Led Training | CCSK & CCAK - There are instructor-led training courses available for both the CCSK and the CCAK. These classes are virtual and offered in several different time zones. Get the benefits of real-time instructor interaction and hands-on labs, wherever you are in the world.

Learn more about the CCSK, CCAK, and other resources for earning Continuing Educational Credits on our education page.

Earning Your Continuing Educational Credits

Once you’ve learned from one of these qualified CSA resources for an hour, you can then submit your certificate for possible credits through the applicable organization.

If your certification is through (ISC)2, you can access the Continuing Educational Credit guidelines here.

If your certification is through ISACA, you can access the Continuing Educational Credit guidelines here.

CSA is dedicated to defining and raising awareness of cloud-related best practices. Our resources are available to help you continue your journey with the cloud. If you have any questions or need help knowing which learning path is best for you, please reach out to [email protected].

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