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Certificate of Competence in Zero Trust (CCZT)

The industry's first authoritative Zero Trust training and certificate.

Prepare for the Zero Trust World. With unprecedented technological advances in AI contributing to the rapid evolution of pervasive and sophisticated cyber threats, the Zero Trust model, which operates on the principle of ‘never trust, always verify’, is a critical strategy for organizations to maintain a strong security posture and a required skill for security professionals.

The Certificate of Competence in Zero Trust (CCZT) is the industry’s first, most authoritative, vendor-neutral Zero Trust training and certificate program that delivers mainstream best practices for developing and implementing a Zero Trust philosophy.The CCZT includes foundational Zero Trust components released by CISA and NIST, innovative work in the Software Defined Perimeter by CSA Research, and guidance from renowned Zero Trust experts such as John Kindervag, Founder of the Zero Trust philosophy. Enhance your skills, value, career, and organization with the best Zero Trust knowledge foundation in the market.

Winner of the 12th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at RSAC 2024

Winner of the Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Training Award, the CCZT is recognized as a leader in equipping professionals with advanced skills for implementing Zero Trust security architectures.

"CSA embodies three major features we look for: understanding tomorrow's threats, today, providing a cost-effective solution and innovating in unexpected ways that can help mitigate cyber risk and get one step ahead of the next breach, " Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

Meeting the Rising Demand for Zero Trust

  • Ineffectiveness of Traditional Security: Traditional models are not effective against modern threats. Zero Trust assumes no user or device can be trusted.

  • Cloud Computing and Remote Work: Zero Trust helps organizations secure their cloud-based resources and remote workforce.

  • Demand Growth: As organizations and government agencies increasingly embrace Zero Trust, they seek training programs to educate their employees. According to Gartner, 60% of organizations are projected to adopt Zero Trust by 2025.

What are some benefits of the CCZT?

Build a competent workforce and further individual development by keeping up with and demonstrating zero trust excellence.

Gain an in-depth understanding of Zero Trust to implement robust security measures and create secure systems.

Keep up with innovation by tackling evolving cloud security challenges and vulnerabilities with Zero Trust.

Who should enroll?

Earn the CCZT as an Individual

Are you a cybersecurity professional looking to take your career to the next level?

Register now and gain a competitive edge in the industry

Government Agencies

Are you looking for training to meet federal mandates, enhance cybersecurity, and ensure compliance with security directives?

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Group CCZT Enrollment for Teams

Are you a manager responsible for maintaining your organization's security posture?

Contact us to discuss group enrollment

Security Managers
Enterprise Architects
Risk Officers & Owners
Managers & Decision Makers
Compliance Officers & Managers
Security Engineers & Architects
System Engineers
Cybersecurity Analysts
Security Administrators
Government Agencies
Federal Partners

Topics Covered

The CCZT evaluates an individual's knowledge and expertise in various key areas related to Zero Trust security. Successfully passing the exam signifies proficiency in the following essential topics:

Zero Trust Foundational Concepts

Zero Trust Architecture

Software Defined Perimeter

NIST and CISA Best Practices

Zero Trust

Zero Trust Implementation

How to Prepare for the CCZT Exam

The CCZT is an open-book, online exam, completed in 120 minutes with 60 multiple-choice questions selected from the CCZT topics above. Purchasing the exam costs $175 and provides you with two test attempts, which you will have two years to use. The minimum passing score is 80%. The CCZT exam is currently offered only in English.
Option 1

Study on Your Own

You can choose to study for the exam yourself using our free CCZT Prep-Kit. The kit includes study guides, a knowledge guide, an FAQ, and three authoritative sources.

The CCZT Study Guides are specifically designed to prepare participants to be thoroughly equipped to pursue the CCZT and showcase their expertise in implementing Zero Trust principles and practices.

Download the prep-kit

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Option 2

Enroll in Training

The CCZT exam is based on CSA's CCZT Exam Bundle, which helps students to understand the core concepts of Zero Trust and implement the principles to move an organization towards a Zero Trust approach.

The courses are online, self-paced, in English, and include study guides.

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*If you are interested in instructor-led training, please contact us here.

Want to train multiple members of your team?

Study Materials

CCZT Prep-Kit
CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model
NSTAC Report to the President
NIST Zero Trust Architecture
CSA Research Publications

CCZT Inaugural Class

John Kindervag
John Kindervag
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy at ON2IT Cybersecurity

John Kindervag

Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy at ON2IT Cybersecurity

John Kindervag joined ON2IT in March of 2021 as Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy and ON2IT Global Fellow. Previously he was Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks and VicePresident and Principal AnalystatForrester Research. John is considered one of the world's foremost cybersecurity experts. He is best known for creating the revolutionary Zero TrustModel of Cybersecurity. John also serves as an executive advisor to Cloud Security A...

Read more

Cybersecurity succeeds when its experts share. CSA is extremely grateful to have the support and guidance of our vast community of distinguished Zero Trust experts, including the creator of Zero Trust himself, John Kindervag. In recognition of his contributions to the industry as the originator of this revolutionary cybersecurity strategy and in appreciation of his collaboration and partnership in the development of the CCZT, CSA is proud to issue the first Certificate of Competence in Zero Trust to Mr. Kindervag.

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Receive a digital badge through Credly

CCZT holders can showcase their credentials through a CCZT digital badge. In partnership with Credly, the digital badge helps you gain recognition for earning your certificate by allowing you to easily display and share your achievement.

Your digital badge has a unique URL and can be used in your email signature, personal websites, social media sites and on electronic copies of resumes. It serves as a digital representation of your knowledge, skills, and credential achievements.

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CSA extends its appreciation to the dedicated contributors who volunteered their time and expertise to develop the CCZT exam. Their commitment and passion have been instrumental in shaping this certificate. We are grateful for their support and are honored to have such individuals as leaders in our CSA community.

Help us Spread the Word

Join CSA’s efforts to bring Zero Trust knowledge and best practices to the masses. Participation in CSA’s Affiliate Marketing Program is a win-win; promoting the CCZT to your network not only helps build Zero Trust knowledge to improve cloud security postures, but it also provides you with an opportunity to earn a commission while positioning yourself at the forefront of cloud security best practices. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.