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Cloud Security Alliance Cybersecurity Trainings Now Available on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Cloud Security Alliance Cybersecurity Trainings Now Available on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Blog Article Published: 07/14/2023

Written by Jeffrey Westcott, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, CSA.

The Cloud Security Alliance has recently been listed on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule. This achievement required the completion of a formal proposal process and acts as CSA’s calling card as a vetted supplier to do business with the federal government.

What is the GSA Multiple Award Schedule?

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (or GSA MAS) allows federal (and other governmental and non-governmental) agencies to take advantage of pre-negotiated terms for CSA products, streamlining what can sometimes be a daunting procurement process for both suppliers and related federal agencies. This eliminates (what can be) a lengthy bidding process by pre-qualifying CSA to conduct business with federal agencies.

CSA on the GSA Schedule

The addition of CSA to the GSA MAS could not have happened at a better time. Cybersecurity threats are among every organization’s top concern, as virtually all of them have a cloud presence in one capacity or another. Huge amounts of data are stored in the cloud, including yours, and safeguarding measures need to be in place to prevent malicious actors from taking advantage of any weaknesses or deficiencies in your cloud presence.

CSA can help mitigate this risk in two ways. The first being its Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) certificate program, which is now listed on the GSA Schedule. The CCSK offerings include test-taking tokens and multiple test-taking options. The CCSK is a widely recognized certificate that lays the foundation of knowledge of cloud security. It demonstrates proficiency in the skills required for a solid basis of cloud security knowledge. As there are no minimum requirements of testing for the CCSK, preparation will require significant effort, depending upon the test-taker’s pre-existing knowledge of cloud computing. However, a full suite of study support is offered on the GSA Schedule, including self-study, the CCSK self-paced online course, and courses led by CSA-qualified trainers.

In addition to the CCSK product suite, the GSA Schedule will offer several other cybersecurity courses referred to as Cloud Infrastructure Security Training and Zero Trust Training. CSA’s Cloud Infrastructure Security Training helps make cloud security knowledge more accessible by providing a high-level introduction on some of the most critical cloud security topics, such as cloud key management, microservices and containers, and DevSecOps. CSA’s Zero Trust Training program gives you the knowledge needed to understand the core concepts of Zero Trust and the skills required to implement the principles to reduce systemic risk and move your organization towards Zero Trust. Additional trainings are constantly being produced and will be added incrementally to the GSA Schedule.

Either through the CCSK, Cloud Infrastructure Security Training, or Zero Trust Training, CSA can offer a strong foundation for any organization’s cloud security framework. CSA has been developing the CCSK platform for over ten years, which, along with our other offerings, addresses the needs and challenges of the ever-evolving landscape. Although this journey can be daunting, the trainings offered by CSA offer a great tool for cloud management within an organization and for those vendors with whom the organization conducts business.

The Contract Number for the Cloud Security Alliance listed on the GSA Schedule is 47QTCA23D002P.

Click here to go to CSA’s profile on the GSA Schedule.

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