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Industry Insights
Cloud Workload Security: Part 3 - Explaining Azure’s Security Features

Published: 01/07/2021

Written by IntezerCloud security management will always remain an ongoing journey, as threats keep evolving and organizations need to keep updating their cloud security strategy. A well-defined set of security controls and categories helps you set a strong baseline in this journey, irrespective o...

Cloud Workload Security: What You Need to Know - Part 1

Published: 12/21/2020

Written by IntezerCloud proliferation is on the rise, and more than ever before, security teams are on the lookout for solutions that align with evolving cloud security paradigms. Given the evolving threat landscapes and more sophisticated cyber attacks being reported daily, it’s clear that your ...

Cloud Network Security 101: Azure Virtual Network Service Endpoints

Published: 11/12/2020

By Becki Lee, Fugue, Inc.Originally published on Fugue’s Website on October 8, 2020Level: AdvancedReading Time: 4 minutesMicrosoft Azure offers two similar but distinct services to allow virtual network (VNet) resources to privately connect to other Azure services. Azure VNet Service Endpoints an...

Cloud Cybersecurity and the Modern Applications (part 2)

Published: 05/27/2020

By Francesco Cipollone, Chair at Cloud Security Alliance UK Chapter and Director at NSC42 Ltd. Use cases and common pitfallsSecurity appliance vendors are still updating their appliances to include typical cloud architecture that integrates into the cloud provider fabric more efficiently. Some ot...

Top 10 Audio/Video Conferencing Security Best Practices

Published: 04/22/2020

By Michael Born, Sr. Security Consultant at SecureSkyWith the recent shift of much of the global workforce to home office work environments, it’s a good time to revisit Audio/Video conferencing security best practices. In this blog we will highlight what we consider the Top 10 ways you can train ...

How Traffic Mirroring in the Cloud Works

Published: 07/08/2019

By Tyson Supasatit, Sr. Product Marketing Manage, ExtraHop Learn how Amazon traffic mirroring and the Azure vTAP fulfill the SOC visibility triadAfter years of traffic mirroring not being available in the cloud, between Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and the Azure vTAP, it's finally here! In this l...

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