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Mitigating Hybrid Clouds Risks
Mitigating Hybrid Clouds Risks


Peer Review: Secure Connection Requirements of Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud Security
Hybrid clouds are now often the starting point for organizations in their cloud journey.
As businesses are developing rapidly, and IT infrastructures constantly diversified, hybrid clouds have been gaining more traction as cloud customers increasingly understand that using public clouds or private clouds alone poses certain limitations due to hardware or network restrictions. Hybrid clouds take advantage of various clouds and traditional IT infrastructures and work systematically to benefit the users based on their service requirements. 

Benefits of hybrid clouds:
  • The hybrid cloud is an effective way to enjoy the benefits of public cloud without disrupting critical and core legacy services on private cloud. 
  • A hybrid cloud may offer effective means to securely use cloud technologies.
  • A hybrid cloud can help enterprises leverage cloud resources at optimal costs.
What security risks are unique to hybrid clouds?
There are different security risks the hybrid clouds pose, bringing on challenges to security protection. For hybrid clouds, special attention needs to be paid to areas such as compliance and data security, which are of concern due to the interconnection between the public and private clouds. This working group has identified hybrid cloud security risks and countermeasures in order to help users identify and reduce risk. If you’re new to this topic we recommend you start by reading CSA’s paper on common risks for hybrid clouds 

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This working group intends to provide suggestions on hybrid cloud governance, hybrid cloud threat profiles and hybrid cloud security evaluation, guiding both users and cloud service providers to choose and provide secure hybrid cloud solutions, and promoting security planning and implementation.

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Working Group Leadership

Zou Feng Headshot
Zou Feng
Zou Feng

Zou Feng (CISSP-ISSAP, CISA) has been working in IT for 20+ years with strong technical background and broad experience in heterogeneous system and multi-culture environment. Starting as Communication Engineer in ICBC, Feng had taken different roles including Support Supervisor, Regional Network Manager, Senior Security Manager in different industry. His main responsibilities are including designing, engineering, and implementing security t...

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Narudom Roongsiriwong Headshot
Narudom Roongsiriwong
Narudom Roongsiriwong

Head of IT Security

Narudom is a certified information security professional with more than 20 years of experience. His primary areas of interest in information security are in solution designing, analytics, and application security.

Narudom is currently working with Kiatnakin Bank as SVP and Head of IT Security. He established the bank's information security in a holistic approach, especially in a security architecture and secure software development li...

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Hybrid Cloud Security Research

CSA Research crowd-sources the knowledge and expertise of security experts and helps address the challenges and needs they’ve experienced, or seen others experience, within the cybersecurity field. Each publication is vendor-neutral and follows the peer review process outlined in the CSA Research Lifecycle. We recommend getting started by reading the following documents.

Hybrid Cloud and Its Associated Risks

Hybrid Cloud and Its Associated Risks

Cloud computing is flourishing. Hybrid clouds, especially, have been gaining more traction as cloud customers increasingly understand that using public clouds or private clouds alone poses certain limitations. This document aims to describe the concept and value of hybrid clouds, highlight key application scenarios and point out security risks in the hybrid cloud.

Mitigating Hybrid Clouds Risks

Mitigating Hybrid Clouds Risks

Hybrid clouds are often the starting point for organizations in their cloud journey. However, any cloud model consists of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. After the review of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for hybrid clouds, it’s critical to identify adequate mitigation controls. This document will cover countermeasures organizations can implement to improve hybrid cloud risk management and cybersecurity practices.

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