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Organizations show their commitment to building awareness and understanding of zero trust principles when they become a Zero Trust Champion for CSA's Zero Trust Advancement Center. Sponsoring ZTAC is a great opportunity to demonstrate your organization's thought leadership in providing relevant security solutions for the next generation of IT-cloud computing.

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When the pandemic happened, you moved a billion people away from their physical networks, from their office network and you put them at random places at home from a network perspective. That broke the inertia of, "Oh, we can really ride the wave of all these rules built around the traditional network.” Legacy thinking gets thrown out the window. In a cloud sense, you need to manage the endpoints and the identity, and that's why Zero Trust is so relevant.

Todd McKinnon
CEO & Co-Founder, Okta

This network security model has to be turned on its head. The architecture needs to change. That's where the zero trust is coming in. Trust no one. Based on identity, based on device posture, based on other attributes, you connect the right user to right application. That's really what has to be done.

Jay Chaudhry
CEO, Chairman and Founder, Zscaler

In today’s mobile, work-from-anywhere world, identity has become the new security perimeter. According to the CrowdStrike 2022 Global Threat Report, nearly 80 percent of breaches leverage identity to compromise credentials and evade detection in organizations’ networks.

George Kurtz
CEO & Co-founder, CrowdStrike

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