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Book Introduction: Generative AI Security: Theories and Practices

Book Introduction: Generative AI Security: Theories and Practices

Blog Article Published: 02/16/2024

Written by Ken Huang, Co-Chair of Two CSA AI Safety Working Groups, VP of Research of CSA GCR, and CEO of

In this blog, I would like to talk about my upcoming book Generative AI Security: Theories and Practices. I started this book project in January 2023. The project ended up becoming a big project with 39 experts involved as either co-editors of the book, co-authors of the chapters, or reviewers who wrote both long forewords and short recommendations for this book.


The book project was driven by a compelling necessity to address the burgeoning field of Generative AI (GenAI) and its accompanying security implications. The journey to finalize this manuscript mirrored the rapid evolution of the GenAI landscape itself. We found ourselves in a repeating cycle of updates and revisions to encapsulate the latest GenAI innovations, products, and security issues as they unfolded. It became clear this process could be endless. Hence, we set November 28th, 2023 as the cut-off date for this edition.

Still, we recognize future advances in GenAI may necessitate a follow-up volume or updated edition of this work. Despite the moving target, we are confident the foundational principles and insights offered in this book will remain relevant touchstones for navigating the GenAI security terrain for at least the next decade. This book provides a noticeable vantage point to survey the risks associated with current GenAI systems and establish proactive defenses, even as the technological horizon continues shifting. Just as the GenAI systems themselves iterate, so too must our understanding of how to interact with them safely.