Corporate Membership for Startups

You have a vision that your startup will become a dominant market leader. How do you make sure that the industry sees the value in your offerings? How can you stand out from the crowd while engaging industry thought leaders? If your startup company has received no more than $5M USD in equity financing and has less than $800K USD in annual revenue, you can obtain CSA Corporate Membership for Startup Solution Providers at a greatly reduced cost.! Go with CSA to accelerate your venture!


Key benefits are listed below, get more detailed information of these benefits through our Corporate Membership for Solution Providers brochure.

  • Listing as a corporate member on the CSA website with logo and description
  • Use of the CSA Corporate Member logo in your collateral material and on your website
  • Opportunities to sponsor CSA educational events and CloudBytes webinars
  • Participation and promotion through CSA’s social media activities and blogs
  • Participation in the Solution Provider Council
  • Speaking and spokesperson activities
  • Free access to CSA experts
  • One free test token for CSA’s Certificate in Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)
  • Participation in CSA research
  • Startup mentoring forum

Price and Ordering

CSA Corporate Membership for Startup Solution Providers is priced at $5,000 USD annually, an 80% discount over standard membership. You can order here to sign up, pay, upload your company logo and description and become enrolled with CSA. If you have more questions about startup membership, please address them to [email protected].

Startup Membership Order Form

CSA Corporate Membership for Startup Solution Providers $5,000

Membership Application

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Solution Provider Council Representation

Representing your organization on the CSA Solution Provider Council is an important role to access and evangelize the latest CSA content, collateral and announcements exclusive to your corporate membership. The ideal participant plays a leadership role in your organization's marketing, security and GRC efforts. Please name an individual to receive email announcements and to be invited to participate in our monthly conference calls for a monthly overview of CSA PR announcements, social media activities, unique sponsorship opportunities, upcoming events and an in-depth preview of research activities. This individual will also be invited to join our basecamp site where he or she can access past call recordings, presentations, and prospectuses.

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