CSA CxO Trust

A broad-based initiative to elevate the knowledge of cloud computing and cybersecurity among organizational executive teams and governing bodies.
CSA CxO Trust

Our mission is to help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) better understand the priorities of their peers within the C-Suite and to also enable CISOs with tools to communicate business risk, governance, and compliance issues of cloud computing and cybersecurity in the proper context to their peers within the C-Suite and their boards of directors. This initiative will be forward looking and innovative in advancing cloud computing and cybersecurity within the C-Suite.

If you're interested in learning more, you can read the press release or email the CSA President, Illena Armstrong, at [email protected].

The Challenges

Of organizations in the cloud:

47% are concerned

about their staff lacking cloud expertise.

Over 50% are running

41% or more of their workloads in a public cloud.

41% are unsure

whether they have experienced a cloud-related operational incident in the last 12 months.

Source: State of Cloud Security Concerns | CSA
*This survey was submitted to nearly 1900 IT and security professionals.

Cloud may be the new normal, but numerous organizations:

Are just beginning
their cloud journeys
Have more sophisticated,

varied and far-reaching implementations they need to take into account than others.

Have weaker-than-expected

knowledge and oversight of the security, privacy and compliance requirements that need to be implemented.

How will this initiative help address these challenges?

CSA will form a trusted community of CISOs and other C-level stakeholders who will leverage the collective voice of this group to further influence and drive the:

  • Evolution and common understanding of cloud and cloud-driven technologies knowledge;
  • Establishment and advancement of cloud security standards, guidance, research and more;
  • Professional development and continuous education of much-needed cloud experts;
  • Improvements in cloud and cybersecurity services and products;
  • Progression and passage of related and necessary regulations or legislation;
  • Unification of cloud and cybersecurity messaging and knowledge sharing among organizations’ C-suite stakeholders, as well as in the wider industry and beyond.

This group will complement existing CISO and cybersecurity networks. If interested in working with us on ours, which is uniquely positioned given our 12 years as a non-profit helping the industry secure the cloud, please reach out to CSA President Illena Armstrong.

Learn more about CSA CxO Trust.

To gain full access to this group once it’s launched organizations will need to be a CSA Corporate Members. If you're interested in learning more, please email the CSA President, Illena Armstrong, at [email protected].

Ways to Get Involved

Advisory Council

CSA will look to our advisory council to contribute to and advise on the overall strategy and roadmap of this broad-based program’s offerings. In addition to generally advising on the C-Suite Initiative and related offerings, the Council also will be asked to help guide our C-level research working group.

Not only would we like to see CISOs apply for consideration, but also Chief Information/Chief Technology Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Executive Officers and other C-level stakeholders engaged in driving and supporting their organizations’ cloud computing and cloud security programs.

This council is reserved for the participation of C-level executives from our corporate members. If you have any questions you can email the CSA President, Illena Armstrong, at [email protected].

Apply to Participate

Research Working Group

The CSA CxO Trust Working Group will conduct research consisting of best practices, metrics, surveys, C-level presentations and other tools in support of the overall initiative mission. The working group will be open to professionals and subject-matter experts from both CSA member and non-member organizations. The working group will have its kickoff meeting in Q3 of 2021, interested individuals can informally discuss the issues in our Circle community now.

Along with other projects, this group will regularly update and maintain a document listing the Cloud Priorities for the CxOs. The roadmap of other deliverables for this group will include:

  • Original research publications,
  • Executive summaries of CSA research publications with context for C-Suite readers,
  • Curation of third-party research and data,
  • Joint research with outside groups.

Discuss our plans in the CSA Inner Circle community forum

Working Group Charter

Indicate your interest in joining working group here

Watch Sessions from the CISO Summit at RSA

C-Suite Challenges in the Cloud

Learn about the challenges members of the C-suite face, both technical and non-technical, as their organizations transition to the cloud. This session consists of three talks:

“History of Organization Challenges Due to Technology Innovation--Here We Go Again with Cloud!”, “Explaining Cloud Strategy to the Board of Directors” and “Pitfalls and Power Plays for Cloud Security Leaders.”

Evolving Cybersecurity with the Cloud

Digital transformation to the cloud requires organizations to change many of their processes. Learn how the cloud will specifically impact your organization’s approach to cybersecurity and take away steps you can use to prepare. This session consists of three talks: “Impact of Digital Transformation on Security Strategy”, “How does Digital Transformation Change My Approach to Security?” and “Organizational Impact of Enabling Cloud Security.”

Transitioning to the Cloud

There are numerous things to keep in mind when transitioning to the cloud; security concerns, compliance, and managing risk are just a few. This session consists of three talks:

5 Critical Security Considerations for Cloud Migration”, “Cloud Compliance – an Opportunity”, and “Managing Risk from 3rd Party Cloud Providers.”

Strengthening Cloud Operations

With the basics taken care of, it’s time to enhance and integrate your cloud operations. Learn how to develop a complete cloud security foundation that works with your legacy technology and still allows your team to move as quickly as possible. This session consists of three talks: “Developing a Secure, Enterprise Cloud Operating Model”, “Manage a Hybrid Cloud/Legacy IT technology Stack” and “Value of Cloud Security Taking Advantage of Cloud Automation.”