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Introduction to the Mobile Working Group

Mobile computing is experiencing tremendous growth and adoption, while the devices are gaining significant power and dynamic capabilities. Personally owned mobile devices are increasingly being used to access employers’ systems and cloud-hosted data - both via browser-based and native mobile applications. Clouds of mobile devices are likely to be common. The CSA Mobile working group will be responsible for providing fundamental research to help secure mobile endpoint computing from a cloud-centric vantage point.

Working Group Scope and Responsibilities

The working group is chartered to research the following areas:

  • Securing application stores and other public entities deploying software to mobile devices
  • Analysis of mobile security capabilities and features of key mobile operating systems
  • Cloud-based management, provisioning, policy, and data management of mobile devices to achieve security objectives
  • Guidelines for the mobile device security framework and mobile cloud architectures
  • Scalable authentication from mobile devices to multiple, heterogeneous cloud providers
  • Best practices for secure mobile application development and securely enabling existing applications on mobile platforms
  • Identification of primary risks related to individually owned devices accessing organizational systems (commonly known as BYOD – Bring Your Own Device)
  • Solutions for resolving multiple usage roles related to BYOD, e.g. personal and business use of a common device

Mobile Working Group Leadership

David Lingenfelter, Fiberlink
Cesare Garlati, Trend Micro

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Sponsors of CSA Mobile Research

The Cloud Security Alliance would like to thank the corporate sponsors that make our research possible. Their continued support enables our working groups to produce the high-quality research products you've come to expect from the Cloud Security Alliance.


Mobile Device Management: Key Components

Top Threats to Mobile Computing

Key Links & Resources

Mobile Top Threats

Release Date: October 04, 2012

Mobile Device Management: Key Components

Release Date: September 20, 2012

Mobile Working Group Charter

Release Date: February 21, 2012

Mobile Working Group News

November 07, 2013

Cloud Security Alliance Annual Congress to Serve as Launchpad for New Research, Guidance Reports and Working Groups

CSA today released its planned research agenda and a preview of new working groups to be launched at the upcoming CSA Congress 2013, taking place December 4-5 in Orlando.

September 24, 2013

Cloud Security Alliance Mobile Working Group Opens Annual Mobile Market Maturity Survey

Group seeks global input to understand current market maturity and needed processes to manage enterprise mobile technology.

February 12, 2013

CSA Announces Working Group Sessions at RSA in San Francisco

CSA is hosting sessions during the week for some of our active working groups. These are free events that will be held outside of the regular conference on Thursday, February 28th.

November 08, 2012

Cloud Security Alliance Releases Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Mobile Computing

CSA Mobile Working Group report aims to provide industry with mobile security best practices.

October 25, 2012

CSA Seeks Input on a Mobile App Store Security Initiative Policy Guideline Document

The CSA Mobile Working Group would like to invite you to review and comment on their Mobile App Store Security Initiative Policy Guideline document that was created by their Initiative 5 sub-group.

October 19, 2012

CSA Seeks Input on a Mobile Authentication Document

Review and comment on the Mobile Authentication Document that was created by their Initiative 4 Authentication Sub-group.

October 19, 2012

CSA Seeks Input on a Mobile BYOD Document

Review and comment on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Document that was created by their Initiative 3 BYOD Sub-group.

October 16, 2012

Take The CSA Mobile Maturity Questionnaire

This brief 5-10 minute survey is designed to help the Cloud Security Alliance, as well as, enterprises and individual consumers understand the current maturity level of the mobile marketplace.

October 04, 2012

Data Loss from Missing Mobile Devices Ranks as Top Mobile Device Threat by Enterprises

CSA Mobile Working Group today released findings from a new survey that calls out the specific security concerns enterprise executives say are the real and looming threats as it relates to mobile device security in the enterprise environment.

September 20, 2012

CSA Identifies 17 Key Components for Effective Mobile Device Management of BYOD and Company-Owned Devices

The whitepaper is one of six parts to the upcoming, “Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Mobile Computing” report, one of a number of important research items to be presented and discussed at the upcoming annual CSA Congress being held November 7-8 in Orlando.

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