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Introduction to the Small Business Working Group

Small businesses (1-49 employees as defined by EU#) are the bloodline of world economy. In the EU the small businesses represent 97% of all registered companies.

Cloud Security Alliance produced Guidance for Cloud Computing Security, now in the version 3.0. This document, although very useful and detailed, is at 177 pages a rather lengthy reading. Small businesses typically do not have dedicated IT staff that could fully leverage the knowledge base produced by CSA in the Guidance and in other documents produced by other Working groups. Yet, small businesses are more likely to have been using Cloud services, either not knowingly or ignorantly. Without fully understanding how Cloud security affects small business processes, many companies maybe rather unpleasantly surprised when things go wrong. That is not to say that Cloud computing should be avoided by small businesses, rather embraced with full knowledge of benefits and concerns. In fact, businesses greatly benefit from service model provided by Cloud computing as it lowers barriers to market by not requiring big up front investments (CAPEX), especially important in light of restricted business lending.

Additionally, Cloud providers have been selective in adapting their services to large companies, while small companies have to settle with standard terms and conditions (T&C). This leaves small companies vulnerable to large cloud players and further endangers small business survival, if things go wrong.

This working group will focus on providing tailored guidance to small business, will cooperate with other working groups where appropriate, and, will help cloud providers understand small business requirements.

Working Group Leadership

Vladimir Jirasek, Jirasek Security Consulting

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