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Zero Trust Resource Hub

With the help of cybersecurity organizations and industry experts, CSA aims to provide an online center showcasing the most important, curated Zero Trust publications in the industry. The Zero Trust Advancement Center's Resource Hub displays new and up-to-date Zero Trust content.

NIST | Zero Trust Architecture (SP 800-207)

CSA | SDP Architecture Guide V2

US DoD CIO | DoD Zero Trust Reference Architecture

CSA | Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) Specification v2.0

CSA-DC Chapter | Toward a Zero Trust Architecture

Jason Garbis & Jerry Chapman | Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide

George Finney | Project Zero Trust: A Story about a Strategy for Aligning Security and the Business

US GSA | Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Buyer’s Guide

US DHS/CISA | Zero Trust Maturity Model

US DHS/CISA | Applying Zero Trust Principles to Enterprise Mobility

CSA-DC Chapter | Earning Trust in the 21st Century

CSA | Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Zero Trust

ON2IT | Zero Trust Dictionary (ON2IT)

NIST | SP 800-215: Guide to a Secure Enterprise Network Landscape (Draft)

US DoD CIO | DoD Zero Trust Strategy

US OMB | US Federal Zero Trust Strategy (M-22-09)

US President | Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity (Executive Order 14028)

CSA | Advancing Zero Trust Principles

ON2IT | FutureCon Keynote Address - John Kindervag

CSA | Demystifying Zero Trust for the C-Level (and the rest of us)

CSA | Zero In: Executive Considerations in a Zero Trust World

CSA | CSA Zero Trust Summit 2022 Session Recordings

CSA | Zero Trust as a Security Philosophy

US DHS/CISA NSTAC | Report to the President on Zero Trust and Trusted Identity Management

CSA | CISO Perspectives and Progress in Deploying Zero Trust

CISA/National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) | NSTAC Report to the President: Information Technology and Operational Technology Convergence 8/23/2022

Single Solution Provider Resources

Zscaler | Zscaler Zero Trust Certified Architect (ZTCA)

Zscaler | The 7 pitfalls to avoid when selecting an SSE solution

Zscaler | Seven Elements of Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture | An Architect’s Guide to the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Microsoft | Implementing a Zero Trust Security Model at Microsoft

Crowdstrike | Streamline Your Zero Trust Journey

Multiple Solution Provider Resources

Taylor & Francis Group | Zero Trust Journey Across the Digital Estate

NIST NCCoE | Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture (NIST SP 1800-35)

The Demo Forum | Zero Trust Service Provider Market Map